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Grand in the eyes of the world: China’s strongest voice burst out of Turkey!

As an important node country of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, Turkey has always been regarded as an important market in Tianjin Grand's "International Strategic Layout" due to its special geographical location and market position. Tianjin Grand provides Turkish customers with high-standard products with "leading technology and quality assurance", and has been widely welcomed by Turkish customers. At every important construction site in Turkey, you can see the shining "Grand Blue" everywhere, and you can see numerous Tianjin Grand equipment contributing their own strength to the construction of Turkey.

Grand in the eyes of the world

This picture is a hoisting operation on the construction site of the Ankara University Stadium in Turkey. For this teaching building construction project, the earthwork carried out multiple rounds of bidding. In the end, Tianjin Grand won the bid with its comprehensive advantages in products, technology, and services, reflecting the absolute advantage of Tianjin Grand in Turkey. This project is divided into two phases. The first phase of section 2A has started, and the preliminary camp construction is currently underway. As the main force of the preliminary construction, Tianjin Grand's equipment has been in operation for several weeks, and its reliability has been tested during the construction.