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Sudan’s debut! Grand Bits keep working under the 50 degrees ceklsius heat wave!

This section is the road from Abkhamed in the northern mining area of Sudan to the gold mining area. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of mine carts, the local government has funded the road reconstruction. Tianjin Grand's products provided great technical support in the construction of this section of the road. Tianjin Grand equipment withstands a high temperature of nearly 50 degrees Celsius. It has been working continuously for 4000 hours without failure in the sand and dust. It has won 100% customer satisfaction with its solid and reliable quality. Its continuous stable and surging power output is even hotter. The barren mining area has added a new life.

Feedback from the construction party: "The construction site is windy and sandy, the temperature is high, and the environment is harsh. The quality of Tianjin Grand's products is stable and can be continuously put into operation without failure. It is a trustworthy brand."