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6" IADC517 Kingdream Tricone Bit for Rock Drilling

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    product Description

    Introducing the 6-inch IADC517 Kingdream tri-cone bit, a powerful and efficient rock drilling tool designed to solve some of the toughest drilling challenges. This tri-cone drill bit is a game changer for anyone involved in the rock drilling industry, delivering superior performance and durability.

    This tri-cone drill bit has a diameter of 6 inches, making it ideal for drilling through hard rock formations with ease. Whether you are working on a construction site, mining operation or oil and gas exploration project, this tri-cone drill bit is the perfect solution for your rock drilling needs.

    The IADC517 classification indicates that this tricone bit is designed for use in medium-hard formations, giving it versatility and reliability in a variety of drilling conditions. Its durable tungsten carbide blade ensures long-lasting performance, while the high-quality steel construction provides the strength and stability needed to handle demanding drilling tasks.

    The 6-inch IADC517 Kingdream Tricone bit is unique in its innovative design, which includes three interlocking tapered rollers with teeth engineered to effectively break through rock formations. This design ensures maximum penetration and efficient cutting action, resulting in faster drilling and reduced drilling rates. Downtime.

    Additionally, this tricone bit is compatible with a variety of drilling rigs, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for any drilling operation. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a worry-free investment in your drilling equipment arsenal.

    When it comes to rock drilling, having the right tools can make all the difference.  The 6-inch IADC517 Kingdream tri-cone drill bit is a premium solution that delivers superior performance and reliability, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging drilling projects. Upgrade your drilling equipment with this superior tri-cone drill bit and experience the difference it makes in your operation.

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    Advantage of Advantage of Kingdream Tricone BitTricone Bit
    1,The bearings adopt high precision radial sliding two way thrust bearings,teeth bearing surface hardfacing of hard alloy layer,the roller bearing is made of alloy after welding to improve the carrying capacity and anti bite ability.
    2,Using high-precision metal seal. The metal seal is sealed by a carefully designed metal seal ring as a bearing, and two highly resilient rubber seals are located in the palm and the seal area of the teeth as a static seal. The optimized seal compression ensures that the two metal rings The sealing surface always maintains good contact.
    3,Steel ball locking cone, suitable for high speed.
    4,The use of a limited pressure differential and to prevent the drilling fluid into the lubrication system of the whole rubber reservoir, to provide a good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system .
    5,Using the new grease with high resistance to 250 degrees Celsius and anti-wear.
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