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Kingdream 22 Inch IADC 617 Tci Tricone Drill Bit

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● Ccustomized support according to specific drilling requirements.

    product Description

    Our Kingdream Tricone drilling bits are designed with three cone-shaped rotating heads that work together to provide optimal drilling performance. Each head has rows of hardened steel teeth that bite into the rock, making it easier to break apart and remove. The teeth are arranged in a pattern that allows for smooth and efficient drilling, even through tough rock formations. Our Tricone drilling bits come in a range of sizes and designs to meet the specific needs of different drilling projects.

    Our Kingdream TCI Tricone drilling bits are in a variety of drilling applications, including oil and gas exploration, mining, construction, and water well drilling. With their unique three-cone design, they are able to drill through a wide range of rock formations, from soft sedimentary rocks to hard, crystalline formations. The hardened steel teeth on each cone are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of drilling, ensuring that the bit can continue to operate effectively even under challenging conditions.

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    1. High-strength, high flexibility, high temperature and high wear resistance. 

    2. High-precision metal seal. 

    3. Locking roller ball, to adapt to high-speed. 

    4. The use of high strength high toughness carbide teeth,.

    5. Hours in the rotary cone bit with the impact, crushing and shearing the role of broken rock. 

    6. Cone bit to adapt to the soft, medium and hard of various strata. 

    7. Reasonable price and long working life.

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