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Steel Body PDC Bit 17 1-2” S1952C /S323

Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing innovative and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

 Each product is 100% inspected before delivery, ensuring that only the best products reach our customers.

We can offer preferential price

● Ccustomized support according to specific drilling requirements.

    product Description

    Deep blade and long parabolic configuration design, ensures optimal bottom hole flow pattern and anti-balling.
    Optimize the cutting structure and places high quality cutters at different points, increases wear resistance and offensive of the bit .
    Anti-whirl design improves ROP and enhances drilling stability.

    Spiral Blade
    Double rows spiral five blades design,allows greater borehole coverage and better cutting structure,maximized enhances wear resistance and stability of the bit

    Unique gauge with high quality PDC cutters, helps several-fold increasing wear resistance and stability of the bit.

    Widdened Waterway
    Optimized waterway design is ensured with the hydraulic configuration of the bit, balances fluid flow, allows effectively cleaning bottom- -hole zone, anti-balling.

    Shock-proof Insert
    Shock- -proof insert lessens the vibrations while drilling, restores smooth drlling, significantly increases the steady and life of the bit.

    The surface of the blade is welded by wear-resistant hardfacing material, Improves wear resistance and erosion resistance of the bit.

    Advantage of Advantage of Kingdream Tricone BitTricone Bit
    1,The bearings adopt high precision radial sliding two way thrust bearings,teeth bearing surface hardfacing of hard alloy layer,the roller bearing is made of alloy after welding to improve the carrying capacity and anti bite ability.
    2,Using high-precision metal seal. The metal seal is sealed by a carefully designed metal seal ring as a bearing, and two highly resilient rubber seals are located in the palm and the seal area of the teeth as a static seal. The optimized seal compression ensures that the two metal rings The sealing surface always maintains good contact.
    3,Steel ball locking cone, suitable for high speed.
    4,The use of a limited pressure differential and to prevent the drilling fluid into the lubrication system of the whole rubber reservoir, to provide a good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system .
    5,Using the new grease with high resistance to 250 degrees Celsius and anti-wear.
    Factory View
    Regular Models
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    Use&Application of Kingdream Drilling bit

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