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Managed pressure drilling system

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    Managed pressure control drilling manifold

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    Back pressure pump system

    Managed Controlled Pressure Drilling System

    ● Managed pressure control drilling system is a kind of automatic control device to control wellbore pressure in the process of oil drilling.

    ● According to the monitoring of surface and downhole parameters, real-time monitoring and diagnosis of formation overflow or leakage can be carried out. 

    ● The managed pressure control drilling manifold can continuously adjust the back pressure to maintain the pressure at the bottom set point; when the drilling pump is shut down, the back pressure compensation system can quantitatively compensate the wellbore pressure.

    Our controlled pressure drilling systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to monitor and adjust drilling parameters in real time. This includes precise control of downhole pressure, flow and wellbore stability to ensure optimal drilling performance while minimizing the risk of wellbore instability and blowout.

    One of the key features of our system is the ability to automatically adjust drilling parameters based on real-time data, reducing the need for ongoing manual intervention and minimizing human error. This makes the drilling process more consistent and reliable, ultimately improving wellbore integrity and overall operational efficiency.

    Additionally, our controlled pressure drilling systems are designed to be highly adaptable to a variety of drilling environments and well conditions. Whether you are drilling shallow, deep or in challenging formations, our systems can be easily customized to meet your specific drilling needs, providing versatile solutions for a variety of well control scenarios.

    Additionally, our systems are backed by a team of experienced engineers and technical experts who are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and training to ensure successful implementation and operation of the system.


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    2, Sealing testing

    3, ICAS, CMA,CNAS third-part service

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