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SINOPEC Wellhead and Tree Equipments for Oil and Gas Well

● The Christmas Tree's primary purpose is to control the flow of resources—typically oil or gas—into and out of a well during production.

● The Christmas tree arrives and is attached to the wellhead after finalizing the drilling process.

● The Christmas Tree is a series of valves, spools, gauges, and chokes.

● Tianjin Grand Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Equipment Corporation Chengde Kingdream , the unity of production and marketing

● Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing innovative and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

● Each product is 100% inspected before delivery, ensuring that only the best products reach our customers.

● We can offer preferential price

    product Description

    Wellhead and Christmas tree can fix the wellhead of the drilling well, connect the wellhead casing hanger, seal and control the annulus between the pipes, hang the tubing, control the wellhead pressure and regulate the flow, and guide the oil to the tubing at the wellhead.

    Wellhead and Christmas tree can be used to close the oil well when necessary. Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment is also suitable for acid fracturing, water injection and testing,including casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree.

    Christmas tree and wellhead is suitable for all casing and tubing procedures and various connection modes, safe and reliable operation, simple and convenient maintenance, and can be equipped with hydraulic (pneumatic) safety valves of various specifications.

    Working pressure


    Working medium

     oil, natural gas, mud, containing H2S and Co2

    Working temperature


    Material grade

     AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF,HH

    Product specification level


    Performance requirement


    Introducing SIMOPEC's oil and gas wellhead and Christmas tree equipment, including casing spools, tubing heads, W-type rubber sealing casing hangers, casing heads, tubing hangers, WE-type rubber sealing casing hangers, etc. Key components, connection form of casing head and surface casing, casing head assembly, tubing head, casing secondary sealing ring, WD casing hanger, casing head tools.

    Our casing spools and tubing heads are designed to provide a safe and reliable connection between casing and tubing strings in oil and gas wells.  W-type rubber sealing casing hangers and WE-type rubber sealing casing hangers ensure a tight seal, preventing any leakage and maintaining the integrity of the well.

    The casing head and tubing hanger are key components that provide support and hold the casing and tubing in place. Our casing head and surface casing connection type casing head assemblies ensure a strong and reliable connection between the casing head and surface casing, thereby enhancing the overall structural integrity of the well.

    Tubing head and casing secondary seals play a vital role in wellhead operations, providing additional sealing and support for the tubing and casing strings. Our WD casing hangers and casing head tools are durable and provide superior performance in a variety of wellhead and tree applications.

    SIMOPEC's oil and gas wellheads and Christmas tree equipment are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliable, efficient operation of oil and gas production. With a focus on quality, durability and performance, our products are trusted by industry professionals around the world.

    Product features:

    Design, manufacturing, testing and material are all followed by API 6A standard strictly
    mainly included tubing head, gate valve, choke valve, top flange, cross and so on
    Main Structure of split type, integrated type and double pipe type
    Can be controlled remotely by a certain number of safety valves and control systems
    Fire safe and explosion-proof function are available
    Christmas trees are safe and reliable. Easy and convenient operation and maintenance

    Wellhead and Christmas treeyr7Wellhead and Christmas tree (2)ktm
    Factory View

    1, Pressure testing 

    2, Sealing testing

    3, ICAS, CMA,CNAS third-part service

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    Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree could be used onshore and offshore, for oil and gas 

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