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Surface Test Tree Ground Test Tree

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    product Description

    The surface test tree (flow control head) or ground test tree is a set of devices to control the operation of wellhead and running cable. The lifting nipple is used for lifting the wellhead of the test tree.

    The valves are all gate valves in cross arrangement; the upper part is suction valve, manual, used for wire or cable operation; the lower part is main valve, manual, used to isolate th connection between the wellbore and surface process equipment; the two sides are flow wing safety valve and kill wing valve, the flow wing safety valve is hydraulic control normally closed valve, controlled by ESD console, loaded the Driving pressure, valve open, release Driving pressure, valve close; kill wing valve is manual valve, connected with pump truck through check valve, used for kill in case of emergency, used for pressure test of surface equipment before test.

    Rotary nipple is used to rotate the lower string to meet the operation of downhole tools, such as packer.


    Main technical parameters of ground test tree


    Main diameter specification: 4 1/16",  3 1/16",  2 9/16"

    Working pressure: 21MPa(3000Psi),  35MPa(5000Psi), 70MPa (10000Psi), 105MPa(15000Psi)

    Working temperature: P~U(-29C-121C) 

    Material grade: AA,BB,CC, DD, EE, FF, HH 

    Product specification level: PSL3 

    Performance requirement: PR1 

    Driving pressure: 3000Psi, 6000Psi

    Applicable media: oil, natural gas, mud, hydrogen sulfide 

    Maximum prompt load (no pressure): 182000kg(410000lb)

    Connection type: the lower part is drill pipe joint thread, and the two wings are 3" fig 1502 Union

    Factory View
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    1,Pressure testing

    2,Sealing testing

    3,ICAS, CMA, CNAS third-part service

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    Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree could be used onshore and offshore, for oil and gas well


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